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What To Wear

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Choosing the color scheme of your portrait session should complement the decor in your home. So, consider where you plan to hang a portrait. What is the style of the decor? What are the color tones of the room? Coordinating what you wear in the portrait session to the place where you plan to display the images will make the art seamlessly integrate with the space and look customized for your home.



Choosing the clothes you will wear for your portrait session is extremely important because it defines the color scheme of the image. Neutral tones tend to work best because they allow your skin tone and facial expressions to be the focus of the image. Neutral schemes don’t distract from your faces and are a timeless way to commemorate this moment.




  • Sleeve -Long sleeves are best

  • Collar Design- Simple is better

  • Fabric Pattern – Stay away from complicated designs

  • Adornment – Buttons often scratch baby’s delicate skin

  • Texture & Flow – Some fabric textures photograph beautifully like linen and cotton. Shiny fabrics are distracting and reflect the light.

  • Fit – A shirt that is too loose often adds pounds in-camera. So does one that is too small. 


Muted Greens


Soft greens that are reminiscent of a forest combine with neutral browns to create a warm image that has an earthy feeling to it.

Browns & Light Neutrals


A mix of dark browns, creams and tans combined with a neutral background creates an image that has contrast, but not so much that you are distracted form everyones charming expressions.




Newborns are just naturally angelic and innocent. Creams and soft whites bring forth this emotion beautifully and offer a light, bright and ethereal look. It’s important when coordinating a monochromatic look to incorporate texture in the clothing for more interest. Again coordinating outfits, but not perfectly matching are the key to this look.

Mid-Tone Neutrals

Off White.jpg

Neutrals come in several flavors and sticking with the mid-range is a lovely way to complement your decor. This look is sure to coordinate with any home and is a tried-and-true method for creating a striking portrait.


Greys & Brown Neutrals


Richer tones create a warm inviting look to your portraits that convey elegance. If the room you plan to hang a portrait in has deeper hues, choosing a color scheme with darker hues is a great choice. This is especially effective for baby boys as the richer colors have a masculinity to them that conveys your new little one is male! Dark blue jeans, cool greys and navy blues work well here with combined delicious textures to create an image with a lot of interest.

Navy & Grey Neutrals

Navy & Grey Neutrals.jpg

Adding contrast to an image with navy blue and gray creates a striking difference between the skin tones and clothing/background. While blues are cooler, skin tones are warmer and this contrast in color temperatures makes the warm tones pop off the page. And when that happens, faces are what stand out. Using a cool palette is a great way to draw attention to beautiful expressions.



One of the most stunning ways to display your portrait session is in an heirloom album. At your pre-consultation, I can show you the many options I have for albums which can be as simple or as custom as you like. Albums are perfect for families who don’t have a lot of wall space to display art, or for clients who want an heirloom that can be easily passed on to their children and down the generations. Albums are my favorite product to produce and I take great care and pride in creating one you will love!

Go Book 2
Go Book

But where do you start? Well, a custom album can can take many forms. One of the most important elements is any text you may or may not want graphically designed into an album. Some popular choices include:

  • Famous Quotes

  • A Personal Letter To Your Child

  • Special Song Lyrics

  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Family “Sayings”

  • Descriptive Adjectives About A Child’s Personality

The next decision you will want to make is the overall look and feel of the design:

  • Simple & Clean

  • Fancy & Ornate

  • Small & Petite

  • Large & Substantial

  • Neutral & Balanced

  • Colorful & Bright

  • Lots of images per page

  • Less is more per page

  • Press-Printed or Traditional Photos






When you invest in digital files, you are buying “permission” to copy and print the digital negatives as much as you like. They are for personal use only and and may not be used for ANY commercial purpose. This includes advertising, contests or mass publication (facebook and other social media outlets are considered personal use as long as they are posted under your personal account).

Of course, the best thing to do with your negatives is PRINT THEM! But where to begin?





  • Go online to order your prints in any size and finish. It will be very competitively priced with many other consumer labs, but with triple the quality! Plus, they will deliver your prints straight to your front door in a matter of days. Convenient and easy!



  • What you don’t want to do is print them on a home printer. Printing is an art. Unless you know what you are doing, it can be challenging to get a quality print that looks like what you see on your screen. Color space, monitor calibration, paper profiles and printer technology are advanced stuff, so we suggest leaving that to the pros.


Print Your Images

Click On the “Print Your Images” tab and type in your Access Code I emailed to you, or you can find it on your Print Release Form that came with your USB Drive. Please note your gallery will expire 6 months after your session date. Don’t wait to print!



  • Standard prints are prints on typical photographic paper.

  • Your files are printable to 30 x 40. Enlargements bigger than 8 x 10 should be mounted on single weight mat board, styrene or foam core. Foam core or Masonite is better for prints larger than 16 x 20. Mounting provides a solid substrate for larger images, prevents them from wrinkling and makes it MUCH EASIER to frame them!

  • Adding a lustre coating to E-surface paper prints will help protect the image from dust and UV light and is highly recommended.


When your purchased digital files are ready for delivery, I will be archiving them on a USB drive for you and uploading them to my site. I will email you with a link to your online ordering account along with a username and password, so you can order prints and products from them at your convenience.