Hello!  I am Megan. 

Artist.  Photographer.  Mother of Twins.



Growing up in Minnesota, I was surrounded by a family filled with strong creative women who shaped me and inspirited me to live artfully. As a young woman I packed up my bag full of dreams and moved to Milwaukee to pursue my creative passions with a degree in art at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. In the years following, I opened an art gallery and PR firm, and later worked in marketing for a local company. Now, I am blessed with an amazing husband and two tutu-wearing, crayon-colorin’, sticker-lovin’ twin girls who inspire my art as a photographer.

In 2014 I officially started Megan Papachristou Photography driven with the purpose of capturing the ever-dancing imagination of youth and the profound beauty in the simplest of life’s moments.

I specialize in maternity, newborn, baby, children and family fine art photography. It is my great privilege to tell families’ stories in a sophisticated, imaginative and beautiful way.

Me. In a Nutshell.

I married a sweet funny man who believes in me endlessly. We have two large dogs (one with a tail and one without) and twin girls; one is a whirlwind with flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes, the other has dimples to china and the patience of a saint. They are my heart.

I eat lemons and limes like oranges (without making a sour face).

I have a nerdish zeal for a good yarn store. (Need I say more?).

Like a mad scientist, I am often hunched over my hot glue gun, glitter, paints and knitting needles. My girls love getting glammed up with dazzling wands, fluffy tutus and sparkling capes. (I secretly want to make a tutu for myself too but fear people would never take me seriously again!).

I strive for simplicity and balance (in life and in art).

I am a chaser of dreams…


There is nothing I love more than following my sweet twin girls around with my camera, capturing them in their world – as THEY see it. Colors are always more vibrant. Mischief and unbridled curiosity twinkle in their eyes as they giggle and explore the great big world around them. Their imaginations dance in their own unique rhythm as they play freely and wildly…I want to record it all. Every moment of discovery, excitement and wonder, small and large. They are endlessly changing and growing. This is my gift to myself, to my children and to those who will follow so that those memories will forever live on.

This is my source of inspiration. My children, YOUR children, and their ability to SEE, to PLAY, to EXPLORE and IMAGINE with radical courage, adventure, whimsy and creativity. Their worlds are large and without restriction or circumstance. They simply exude the essence of who they are – and they do it oh so well!


Photo Credit: Amanda Pfeiffer Photography